Our Workshops

The TELE team travels across the U.S. conducting workshops for state agencies, nonprofits, consulting foresters, and others.


The TELE team offers several kinds of workshops: 

  • TELE Workshops are two full days of learning and practicing, where participants learn the principles of targeted marketing, and work in a small group to develop a thoughtful, effective landowner outreach plan for a specific project. We work with local hosts to invite participants and select projects.
  • TELE Advanced Training Workshops are three full days of of intensive training to dive deeper into the TELE methodology. Participants gain additional practice with targeted marketing concepts and leave with the skills to support colleagues and partners to implement TELE in their work. Participants must have attended a 2-day TELE workshop prior to attending an Advanced Training. 
  • Special Topic Trainings are held to focus on a particular resource need, such as fire preparedness or compatible use, or a specific landowner audience, such as traditionally underserved woodland owners. These workshops consider the specific challenges and opportunities associated with that issue or audience. 
  • Short workshops and lectures (30 min - 3h) give audience members a taste of targeted marketing concepts and existing research and resources focused on woodland owners. 

Workshop Host Info

Responsibilities and a sample timeline for the local hosts of TELE workshops